High Heels and Ranch Wheels


I had to drive the truck to town today.  My little SUV is scheduled for new tires this week and I don’t want to chance getting a flat, I hate changing tires!

Driving the truck is an experience; it’s a big truck with a mess of range dust, the smell of my husband’s cigarette smoke and a number of dents and dings.  Before going to town I had to fill up the diesel tank which was unusually low (insert sarcasm here).  To fill up, I have to drive 10 miles in the opposite direction of town then double back to get to town.

Okay, since the fuel was, well, pretty much gone, the fuel filter was playing its usual game.  You know, a little water in the filter, so it didn’t want to start.  With my knight in shining armour busy moving cattle I had to climb up on the truck and give the fuel filter a few pumps… in my pumps.

Easy peasy and it worked the first time–yessss!   I’m sure the cows and dogs watching me got a little kick out of my happy dance.  Remember, this is the girl who just motors up to the quick lube and let’s the professionals handle the mechanic work. Thankfully, my cowboy showed me what to do just in case!


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