Treasure Hunting

My daughter and my mother-in-law have been collecting “treasures” on the ranch since my daughter could walk. They haul rusty nails, rusty chains, turkey feathers, pottery shards, pretty rocks, whatever catches their eye while walking to the barn or the creek.

The treasures have piled up–ugh. I have to admit, however, I am finally seeing their beauty. With all of this upcycle talk I’m seeing new ways to use the old stuff.

But, this stuff also gets me wondering about those who came before us. I sometimes forget how hard life must have been out here–we’re 30 miles from town. It’s usually a full day of grocery shopping and errands when I head to town (if you know me, you know I probably get to town more than most ranch wives). Imagine what it was like for families before there were cars, or heck, before paved roads led the way. It was probably once or twice a year that families went to town and it probably took a few days for the round trip.

I found this skillet today on my short walk to open the gate for the horses. It’s been working on this patina for years, probably in the same place, but this is the first time I’ve ever seen it. It’s a very thin skillet and it probably cooked a lot of fresh eggs and fresh side.

My daughter will be so happy to see it when she gets home from school!


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