Chaps and ChapStick

The first time I heard my then boyfriend say a word that sounded like “shaps”  I had no idea what he was saying.  This was about 16 years ago and also my intro to cowboy culture.

I asked for a definition of “shaps” only to learn they were protective coverings for a cowboy’s legs.

I asked, “You mean Chaps, c. h. a. p. s?”  Remember, I grew up in the city and the only Chaps I knew were by Ralph Lauren.

He said, “No, they’re chaps, pronounced ‘shaps’.”

“Then, what’s this,” I asked, as I pulled out a tube of lip moisturizer with the words ChapStick on it.  “It’s not shap stick, is it?”

That’s when I got that sweet cowboy smile and a lesson on the derivation of Chaps from the word Chaparejos.

To this day, I call lip moisturizer shap stick.


8 thoughts on “Chaps and ChapStick

  1. Love it! I know the feeling since I am from Madrid, Spain living in Clovis, NM. The meaning of tortilla has changed any culinary belief…..

  2. Hello Janice, I’m SueBee’s son West, my wife Chris and 14yr. old daughter Savionne. We had a great time meeting you and Sav’s had a great feeding baby cows.

    We’re still discussing with Savionne what adventures she’d like to get into this coming summer of 2012. I’d love for her to be involved with ranch life, but she needs some more convincing.

    Keep the blogs coming. We’d love to keep up with the Morrow Ranch.

    -West Shirley

    • Hello West! So glad SueB shared my blog with you. We hope you will bring your family back for another stay at this little place under the beautiful sun! I’m sure Sav would be able to hold her own on a ranch and would thoroughly enjoy an outdoor adventure. Tell the girls hello and we look forward to the “family meet” next summer!

  3. Fascinating! I am so glad I learned that today. I’ve never heard it pronounced that way, as a non equine involved Northern girl (unlike my sister Mary, who may well have heard both) but I’m glad to have had that lesson today. -kate

  4. Hi it’s Chris Shirley. WIfe of West, mother to Savi and daughter in love to Sue Bee. I will definitely be following your blog. This a first for me. Keep’m coming.

    • Hey Chris! It was so good to meet you this summer. You are so sweet and effervescent–I hope some of that rubbed off on me! I hope you will come back again to the ranch and until then, to the blog. Glad I had a hand in you reading your first blog.

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