Gone Country

When it was time to go to college, I chose ENMU in Portales, NM for two reasons:

  1.  The best broadcasting school in the state (arguably one of the better ones in the nation).
  2. In-state tuition (and no admission essay required).

I had been there to visit.  I knew it was in an agriculture town, didn’t have a mall and only had a couple stop lights–a far cry from my hometown of Albuquerque.

Upon arrival in fall 1993, I announced, “all this town has is country music and cowboys.  I think I’ll transfer to UNM.”   Interesting proclamation since I never wanted to go to a large university or attend ‘University Near Mom’ as we often called it in high school.

Just when I was ready to move back to Albuquerque, a job at local radio station 95.3 K-SEL Country was offered.  I eventually became on-air talent hosting the Field and Farm Report and the morning show from 5-9 a.m. weekdays while attending classes.

I became a fan of country music and married a cowboy.  Who’s in charge here, anyway?


6 thoughts on “Gone Country

  1. I have family that lives in Clovis…husband’s side. They work with the railroad, rodeo, and events center there. My niece & nephew both attended ENMU. I was born & raised in Hobbs…surely you’ve been there?

    • We know a lot of people in Clovis! I’ll bet we know your people, too. Of course I know Hobbs–oil fields and uranium enrichment keep their economy going! We have many friends all along the east side of the state.

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