Stopping Traffic

It feels good to say I stopped traffic today.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t with my good looks and charm.

Instead, the cowboys moved a set of cows and calves from the north side of the highway to the south side.  I got to stop the oncoming traffic while the cows and calves moved across the four-lane highway.  The calves will be weaned this week.

I remember how hard it was to wean my baby girl from my never-ending milk supply.  It was three nights of crying for her momma.  It ripped my heart out to hear her calling for me while daddo did his best to reassure her and let her know we still love her even though the milk truck was officially out of commission.

The cows will be separated from their babies tomorrow; the babies will go back to the last place they sucked to wait for their momma to come back.  They’ll bawl but momma will not return.  That’s life on the ranch.

When the cows go back to summer pastures I’ll be waiting by the highway to stop traffic once again, looks and charm be damned.


5 thoughts on “Stopping Traffic

  1. That is a sad sound, isn’t it? 😦 Weaned calves are placed in a pasture straight west of our house, about 30 yards away, while the mommas go into a pasture east of the house. I love the sound of cattle, though, and find their constant bawling somewhat reassuring. Anything is better than seeing calves born in cold, cold temps in the early spring. I don’t like calving season for that reason.

    • They do sound sad for a day or two. Yet, all of the calves are so healthy and already eating grass on their own. So, I know they will be fine and their mommas need to rest so the next baby will also be healthy. So glad you are reading! Thanks.

  2. Nice job on the blog. You have a really engaging writing style and it is fun to read about life on a ranch. I grew up on the East Coast, so ranch life is completely different than anything I am familiar with – life in AZ was a pretty big adjustment too.

    I heard your dad told you about our share site – I double checked the address: Check it out if you get a chance.
    Best, KT

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