Tired Out

Changing tires is part of life on the Morrow Ranch.  The guys get to change flats all too often.  But, it’s just part of the job.

Not only are the pastures bumpy with volcanic rocks but so are the county roads.  Around here, don’t bother with anything less than 10-ply tires.  City tires are usually 2- to 4-ply and typically cost significantly less than the 10-ply tires we seem to need much more often than preferred.

My husband had a two-for yesterday.  After changing  the tire on his truck in his dress clothes, no less–which I’m certain came with a couple of choice words since the spare would not release–he went home to switch to work clothes, a work truck and trailer, load a horse and go to a pasture about six miles down the road to sort a couple of cows off.

When he returned to the truck, you bet there was a flat tire.  Two in one day–great. Oh, but, it gets better:  no spare on the flatbed.  I met him on the road as he rode his horse toward home in the cold rain, the truck and trailer left in the pasture.

By the time we got a spare, changed the tire, drove home, unsaddled the horse and made a sandwich, it was past dark. (Thank goodness for neighborly neighbors).

Ahhhh, the romance of cowboy life!


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