Apple Dumplin’

“If you don’t like it you should move to the city.”

Straight from the mouth of my 6-year-old to her 83-year-old great grandmother.

Granny has a beautiful garden.  She spends a lot of time getting it just right and doing her darndest to keep the horses, deer and other wildlife out of her yard.

On this particular day, the deer ate the new blooms she had been cultivating all spring.

As granny does, she shared her honest opinion about the “damn deer,” especially when she was to host the garden club’s annual summer picnic shortly.

Granny has lived at the ranch for most of her 83 years and she’s been telling it like it is for just as long.  Perhaps  the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree after all.


11 thoughts on “Apple Dumplin’

  1. Haha! Was Granny surprised by that candid response?
    Those deer are relentless buggers, aren’t they. We have no problems east side of the river, but growing up west of the Missouri River in the Black Hills, the deer are practically tame and will munch on trees right next to the house.

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