First Stop, Starbucks.

To hold the venti white cup in my little hands is heaven for me.  The closest Starbucks is a 100-mile round trip.  Yes, yes, I do make excuses to take that drive.  Probably more often than I care to admit.

I know with all this talk about corporate greed and shopping/eating locally I should say I only go to the local coffee shop.  But, not everybody makes a venti soy no water chai tea latte like Starbucks. I know it’s the Americanized version of the real thing, but, there’s something in that 300+ calorie drink that makes my day.

On the ranch, I make my own.  It’s not bad but it’s not Starbucks either.

So, when I do get to the city I indulge.  And, I’m not too proud to say I usually stop on the way into town and again on the way home.

I’ll do a few extra lunges tomorrow.  At least that’s what I tell myself.


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