Good Hair Day

Mornings are usually a rush to get everyone out the door, on time–isn’t it for everyone?

The daily ritual of getting a child ready for school is often a bit mechanical and all about staying on task.  But, this morning I had to stop and smell the roses.

My husband surprised me when he brought our daughter’s hair brush to the kitchen and gently pulled her hair into a perfect pony tail while she finished breakfast.

I had to stop and watch.  It was the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen–the cowboy with his rough hands, wearing his dirty jacket and dusty cowboy hat helping his little cowgirl with her hair.

For a moment, I wondered where he acquired this girlie skill?  Well, it’s really not that girlie when I stop to think about the hundreds of times I’ve seen him at the barn brushing his horses and braiding their manes.  Somehow, it always looks like good therapy for him.

This morning was good therapy for me.


9 thoughts on “Good Hair Day

  1. That is a wonderful picture–worth framing a putting on the wall. Those are my favorite–the ones they don’t know we’re taking. Great job!

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