Balancing Act

Usually, the cowboys do this job alone:  drop the transfer case in 4-low, pop it into first, jump out of the truck–while it moves slowly along–jump onto the flatbed, pour feed, jump off and back into the truck.  It’s a typical daily activity on the ranch through the winter.

Sometimes, I hop in the work truck with my husband and go along for the ride.  It’s peaceful, not another human for miles.  I quite like standing on the back of the feed truck because with a watchful eye I’ve seen a bald eagle flying overhead, a mean old badger hiss at our disturbance, a bear amble by and an elk or two escape into the trees.

Believe it or not, I also look forward to the days I fly down the highway to fight a day of heavy traffic, long lines at my favorite stores and loud thumping music wafting from the cars next to me.

It’s all about balance.


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