Driver’s Ed

Dad taught me to drive in the Bag & Save parking lot on the corner of Morris and Candelaria in Albuquerque’s northeast heights.  It was hard for both of us but I do remember him saying if I can learn to drive a stick shift I can drive any vehicle.

My daughter has been riding her pony, Barney, since her first birthday.   On Sunday, she graduated to a full size Palomino named Leo.  My husband started Leo the year our daughter was born.  That year, I would never have trusted Leo with my daughter.  He’s a bit arrogant, the alpha male in the group, a lady’s man. Leo was born on the ranch and has been used as a ranch horse, a roping horse and a trick horse, if you call this move a trick.  He’s turning out to be great horse for her—easy going, easy to maneuver, just easy.

Barney is my daughter’s first love.  But, he’s spoiled.  He is hard to turn, hard to get from a walk to a trot to a lope and hard to keep out of the grain bin.  He’s about as easy to ride as a stick shift is to drive when you’re just learning.

At the corner of the Hi-Lo and God’s Country, my six-year-old is learning to ride any horse.


5 thoughts on “Driver’s Ed

  1. How wonderful is that picture of Daddy and Baby girl…well the horses too for that matter! I wish I could see some wide open spaces like that sometime soon….I sure do miss that big ‘ol sky!

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