Just Dance

We danced the night away at a wedding reception in our community this weekend. This community likes to dance.  Every community picnic and wedding ends with hours of two-stepping, waltzing and swinging to old favorites.

The local band played and everybody danced. Next to the kids learning how, my in-laws might be my favorite people to watch on the dance floor; after 40 years together, they glide across the floor so effortlessly.

Our own reception on New Year’s Eve 2002 was similar.  We chose to stick to country music instead of the mix of music played at most wedding receptions.  We had a DJ who questioned our choice to skip YMCA, the Macarena and Twist and Shout in favor of a carefully selected set of our favorite country dance songs (although, those songs were eventually requested!) .  When the party ended, the DJ told us it was the best reception he had worked–I wonder if he says that to all the girls?

Regardless, we had fun and so did our guests who were disappointed when we had to shut it down at three in the morning.

This weekend’s reception ranks up there and I don’t say that to all the girls.


9 thoughts on “Just Dance

  1. My goodness, you shut down the party at 3 a.m.? Sounds like a fabulous time. My husband and I recently attended a barn dance. Now that was fun. Of course, I spent considerable time before the dance running around taking photos so I could blog about it. When the music started, I had to force myself to take my camera to the car so I could dance the night away. But not until 3 a.m. The barn gig closed down at 11 p.m.

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