Into the Drink

As a kid, my mom and step-dad liked to take “mini vacations”.  We went on a
few weekend and day trips over the years. It was fun to get the map out and chart the route.  With GPS, though, who needs a paper map anymore?

We were fortunate enough, a couple years ago, to accompany Granny on one of her bucket list adventures–The Tournament of Roses Parade.

There were six of us on the trip.  We opted for two small rental cars over one mini-van.  My car had the GPS.  It was awesome.  We zipped around the big city like we owned the place.  Then, on our way to Santa Monica Beach, it quit.  We were lost in Los Angeles.

There were phone calls and texts flying, there were stops in parking lots and at convenience stores.  All the while, Granny was studying the map she had purchased earlier in the day.  Over all the commotion, she kept saying over and over, “if we just drive straight down Pico, it was take us straight into the drink.”

With the sun creeping lower and lower and two car loads of people playing backseat driver it was becoming a stressful experience.  But, as is always the case, the universe was unfolding as it should.

We arrived at the drink just in time to experience this:

Thank goodness for Granny and her trusty paper map!


6 thoughts on “Into the Drink

  1. As I travel around my territory for work, I wish I had a dollar for every time my GPS had led me astray – but I never had one just quit working – yikes. I have learned the hard way too…always carry a paper map.

  2. Wow! What an incredible picture. It should win a prize. Nice story too. GPS? We don’t need no stinking GPS. Old Skool

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