Grandma’s House

As I was taking this photo I remembered a few other reptiles and insects I’ve found and caught on the ranch.

I seem to enjoy chasing lizards, snakes, toads and bugs.  Weird, because I don’t really have an affinity for any of these.

My brother and I spent a few summers in Tucumcari, NM, with our grandparents.  Tucumcari had an abundant crop of horned toads.

We caught tiny babies and fat, fully grown toads.  It is one of those special memories etched in my brain. But, otherwise I can’t say I’ve chased many reptiles or bugs since (except for the occasional toad in my dating years).

So, why is this pastime so much fun now?  My daughter squeals every time I try to show her my finds; my husband indulges me but he has an aversion to snakes; the dogs just want to eat whatever I find.

I think it’s the fresh air, dirt roads, endless vistas and time on my hands.  It feels like summer at grandma’s house everyday.


4 thoughts on “Grandma’s House

  1. That is one HUGE grasshopper on your daughter’s hand. Honestly.

    And is that the horned toad in the photo below the grasshopper one? Interesting looking fellow.

    I’m with your husband on the snakes. I don’t like them. They fit in the same category as mice for me. Detestable.

    • I wish my daughter would’ve held that grasshopper. She took the photo of me holding it. And, yes, he was a monster!

      Yes, that is a horned toad, or horney toad as we called them as kids. They are harmless.

      The snakes make me nervous, too, especially with the rattler population. I don’t go out of my way to find them, for sure. But, if I happen upon one I stop to check it out… from a safe distance. I’m with you on the mice, eek!

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