Gift Horse or Horse Gift

Patience is not one of my strong points. While I like the buzz of city traffic, I don’t want to wait in stand-still traffic or wait for a parking space, for that matter.

Small town living caters to my impatience.  I drive up to the gas pump and the people inside immediately flip the pump on because they know me.  I always get a front-row-Joe parking spot at the grocery store.  It’s 30 miles from my house to town; it takes 25 minutes because there is never a traffic jam.

Cattle and young horses need time to warm up to a person no matter how well they know you.  They sense your impatience, agitation, worry and any other emotion you may have.

I fed the little herd that hangs out near the in-laws’ house yesterday.

They were on the opposite side of the fence so I could dump their cake over the fence and not be run over by them as they hurried to get their share.

Since it was a beautiful day–no wind, warm air and quiet calm–I sat on my side of the fence and just watched and listened to the little buggers for a while.

It took a while but eventually each one of them came over to me, sniffed my shoe and let me give them a little scratch on the ear.  This herd is generally used to people but they don’t stay close long enough for conversation.

I had the same experience with two young horses. Neither has yet been handled much.

It was fun to slowly reach out and give them a little nuzzle on their noses without spooking them.  My daughter joined me and it was even more fun to watch her.

Patience is a virtue.  Patience is a gift.


6 thoughts on “Gift Horse or Horse Gift

  1. Hi,

    The shoe is on the other foot for me…I love the anonymity of the city. I like to swing into any number of petrol stations, fill up and not be noticed. I like to be ‘just another person’ filling up with fuel. Sometimes I sit outside coffee shops and I watch hundreds of people passing me by, not noticing me, not caring about me and I like to imagine who they are, where they are going, where they’ll stop for lunch…If I lived in a small town, I would already know these things about them and I would have nothing to dream about.

    In regards to your latest post about ice – goodness me! I throw a mini tantrum when I have to flick the heater on in the car to get the light frosting off the windscreen!

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