Ice Queen

The cold snap is over for the time being.  But, not without leaving a few gentle reminders about the way it’s going to be for the next few months.

No more walking out on the porch barefoot to greet the morning sun.

Hello fuzzy socks.  Greetings Mr. Axe.  What?  Yes, the axe to break the ice for the horses.

The ice wasn’t all that thick.  But, in my overly dramatic way, I welcomed the cold by breaking the ice with the axe usually reserved for extremely cold mornings when the ice is inches thick, not centimeters.

I have been called the ice queen before but today I embraced it as queen of the ice.


10 thoughts on “Ice Queen

    • Yep! It’s an important job and I don’t mind it. Although, as I’ve said before, I’m not the one usually responsible for most of the ranch jobs. I can’t take credit for venturing out into the cold everyday!

  1. Brrrr! That brings back memories for me, except I wasn’t allowed to use the axe because I wasn’t old enough and by the time that would have been okay we got the stock tank heaters (yahoo!)…I had to trudge 5 gal buckets of hot water from the bath tub in the house out to the corral in the mornings…before the bus came! Oh yes, good “frozen clothes” memories not to mention great character building stuff! 😉

    • Tank heaters. Well, that would make things a lot easier, huh? But, then, it just wouldn’t be cowboy enough–depends who you ask, though. I could live with with it. I make no bones about the fact that I am not cowboy enough!

  2. I always try to break the ice when it’s thin, then I build up my muscles for the thick stuff. When it gets really thick, I call my main man, Sean, to help. Actually, I go help him since breaking ice is officailly his job, but it’s still fun to get in there when we can. I always think I see a thankful look on the cows’ and horses’ faces as they clamor for a drink while we’re still breaking the ice.

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