So far yet so close

Ranch-style trick-or-treating is nothing like the marathon neighborhood door-to-door trick-or-treating I am accustom. My daughter’s experience involves much more driving and visiting.

Tonight’s haul is pretty darn good; it required three hours but only a handful of stops.

Without neighborhoods, per se, we drive to our neighbor’s houses. We are invited in, they call our child by name, they offer a cup of cider or coffee while we chat about the weather, the kids, grandkids, cattle markets and whatever else comes up.  Then, after a while, we say goodnight, they dump a handful or more of candy and homemade goodies in the sack before we load up and do it all again at the next house.

It seemed strange to the first year we did this.  But, now I find it a welcome tradition.  It makes us stop and chat with friends and family and enjoy the closeness of a community that only many miles of pastures between can create.


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