Making memories

The dusty, dirty, stinky truck got a makeover today.  I drove it to the city for a few meetings and treated it to a thorough detail.  It was about time.


When moisture is scarce, the caliche roads wreak havoc on my house, the vehicles, the computers and so on.  It’s a fine dust that finds its way into every crack and crevice!

Maybe it’s the nostalgia associated with the Octopus Car Wash–I have such great memories of watching the cars run through the wash as a kid–but I think it’s the best wash and detail in the city, probably in the state.

This location is the one I remember as a kid. I loved watching the giant blue and red brushes roll over the cars as they magically rolled by the windows. Photo courtesy

After driving away from the car wash, I admired the shine of the interior.


I know the shine will fade once I hit the dirt road again.  But, that’s okay because today reminded me of a great childhood memory.  And, more importantly, I am reminded that my dirt road is where I’m making new memories with my own family and it’s the place I most want to be, fine dust and all.


9 thoughts on “Making memories

  1. Hello Janis, I read this (I had already read the piece about the boots and loved it), and began thinking about my childhood years scrunched on the backseat floorboard avoiding my parents cigarette smoke. It reminded me of working for a day in a car wash, very labor intensive for a teen, and my own early autos. Thank you.

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