Soul food of the Southwest

My Grandma Mary is an award-winning New Mexican food master.  She has a stack of blue ribbons a mile high from the New Mexico State Fair and a few other local contests.  She was even featured on Food Nation with Bobby Flay a few years ago.

On cold and snowy days like today, her green chile stew recipe is a favorite in our house.  Mine is definitely not as good but it will do.  The delicious scent that fills the house on a cold, snowy day is second to very few things in my world.

My heart pitter-pattered when my husband called home to request a pot of green chile stew.  It tastes best with a bite of tortilla just warmed on the open flame of the stove.

As any good New Mexican will tell you, green chile is the soul food of the Southwest.  Grandma Mary’s green chile is the soul food of my life.


18 thoughts on “Soul food of the Southwest

  1. Ah yes, green chile stew is our favorite too! You know it “authentic” New Mexican chile when a) you spell it chile instead of chili, and b) you call it stew instead of soup or just chili. We use a 100 year old recipe from a southern Colorado family that is out of this world! The secret: bacon fat!

  2. You have a blog, Janice!! I’m so excited to be able to follow your ranch life a little through your writing and pictures. And green chile stew – wonderful!! And thanks to Jim and Tia who visited earlier this year, we have plenty of green chile in our freezer… Yum!!!

  3. Janice! I love grandmas green chile stew! What I wouldn’t do for some right now! I could eat some any time of the day. When people say my mom or my grandma makes the best green chile stew I snicker a little bit and think to myself ‘oooooookkkaaaayyyyy… Does she have a bag full of blue ribbons to prove it? Well my grandma does!’ 🙂 I’m definitely going to visit grandma soon!

  4. Being from N.M. myself, you know I LOVE green chiles…they are hard to come by here in Maryland though. 😦 When we get back home for a visit, we try to eat as much as we can! Love all your posts/pictures…reading your blog is like a little bit of home!

    • There are a few small NM businesses who ship green chile. And, I’ve recently heard of the university Alumni chapters getting together for a green chile roast in their towns. I’m sure you can get a few friends together!

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