Witch’s Brew

Small-town grocery shopping is sometimes challenging.  First, it’s a few hours out of the day because I have to go to town to get groceries–I might as well throw in a few extra stops while I’m there.  Second, it’s not always easy to find some items (my favorite Chai, for example).  But, the toughest part is getting the cold groceries home while they’re still cold.

Many people haul a cooler to town.  I usually forget to load it up in my grocery getter.

The local grocers cater to the country folk, though.  They have a cooler of dry ice on hand.

And, they offer to package my cold food without a second thought. I prefer the local grocer for this reason.

Ranch Market. Clayton, NM

When I go to one of the chain grocery stores a little further down the road I have to ask for dry ice and I have to pay for it.  It’s not the cost and I am certainly not too good to ask for what I would like or need.  I just appreciate my home-owned grocers because of their keen customer service and willingness to help.

I also appreciate having easy access to dry ice.  Not only is it an ice cream saver it is also a perfect ingredient for the Halloween witch’s brew!

Dawna and Seth ran to town just before the Halloween party to be sure the witch's brew was a hit! And it was. The kids loved it!

p.s. Thanks to Dawna, Shannon, Reon, Kodi and Justin for the impromptu production meeting yesterday during cheer practice!  It helped me pull this post together.


8 thoughts on “Witch’s Brew

  1. Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog today and commenting. And subscribing!

    How cool is that to get dry ice at the market?? I think we’re spoiled around here -living a few minutes from the grocery store.

  2. As inconvenient as it is, I will always choose living way out over the alternative:)
    P.S. Our cooler lives in the bed of my truck (in spring summer and fall)…ya just never know when you’re gonna get close to the “good grocery store”!

    • I am with you for sure! I think it’s funny when my clients get a sidways look about my willingness to drive three hours to meet them in the city. So, 30 minutes to the grocery is nothin’ for me.

      I should haul the cooler, I know!

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