The kid is alright

I’m sure there are a few vegetarian cattle ranchers out there somewhere.

My six-year-old has decided she is not a meat eater.  Actually, this has been the case most of her life with the exception of a chicken nugget here and there.  It’s not about ethics or politics and she sure doesn’t mind anyone else enjoying a juicy steak.  She just likes other things to eat.

It’s true my girl always takes her lunch to school.  She takes fresh fruit, vegetables, parmesan or goat cheese and a yogurt every single day because that’s what she prefers.

Picky?  Sure.  But, I am not opposed to her food choices.  I am really pleased she loves fruit and vegetables and doesn’t need ranch dressing or ketchup to make them edible.  I also find it amusing that she likes stinky cheese–a girl after my own heart!

But, I wonder how she will do as a vegetarian cattle rancher?  Other than not eating meat, she is just like most ranchers; she loves the herd and remuda and she has the best interest of the animals at heart.  She’ll be alright.


5 thoughts on “The kid is alright

  1. I can assure you that I am 90% vegetarian. My boyfriend too.
    I like cheese and sometimes I eat chicken.
    My boyfriend eats exactly like me.
    I know it’s not 100% correct but I think it’s not bad.
    Sometimes on weekends we eat hamburgers.
    I know that this is not good but it is my culture.
    I understand when you live on a farm and have animals to your side. 😦
    It is very sad.

  2. Well, a kid who eats lots of fruits and vegetables. That is good, very good.

    I’m not a big meat eater, although I grew up on a beef, dairy and crop farm and we always had farm-fresh meat. I think the issue was my mom overcooking the meat. Think hockey puck hamburgers and shoe leather minute steak. But that was how meat was prepared back in the, well, a long time ago.

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