Boot Boneyard

Another pair of boots has gone to boot heaven.

My cowboy has gone through a lot of boots in the last 16 years.  They go from good for special occasions, to good for going to town, then finally to good enough to work in.

But, this probably doesn’t compare to dozens of shoes I’ve been through in the same amount of time.  The difference is that his are usually totally worn out.  Mine are probably less worn out than out of style.

A few of my current favorites!

Cowboy boots never go out of style.  Even when they are totally worn out they still look cool.  The history of cowboy boots dates back to the days after the civil war when traditional boots were found to be uncomfortable during long rides.

These custom beauties are made by Lisa Sorrell, I saw a PBS special on her work which made me want to visit for my own pair. This coming from the girl who doesn't usually wear boots.

My cowboy announced his current work pair was no longer comfortable.  He wondered if we should resole them or send them to the cowboy boot boneyard.

We’ve resoled many.  This pair doesn’t look like the leather can withstand another fix. So, go in peace old friends.  Go in peace.

This boot boneyard is in Portales, NM at a friend's arena.


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