Lost things

Surely you remember the bag phone, right?

In college, I didn’t know anyone with a cell phone except my cowboy. He was on the bag phone bandwagon before anyone, an early adopter.  Like his father, he loves to talk on the phone.  To listen to this end of a conversation with his brother sometimes sounds like a Seinfeld episode, very funny but often a conversation about nothing.

5 a.m. and on the horn.

He’s been through many phones since.  Last February, he finally upgraded to the newest Droid phone on the market.  That phone is his everything–phone, social network, words with friends, notepad for jotting cattle numbers and other relevant information, jukebox, GPS, etc.

It’s lost in a pasture and he is having withdrawals. I finally handed my cell over to him so he doesn’t feel disconnected.

By the way, the phone is not in the same pasture as the lost iPod.  It’s not in the same pasture as a lost bridle. It’s not in the same pasture as a lost set of reins.  I wonder what those who come after us will say about the lost things they will find?

I wonder if they will laugh at the sight of the Droid and iPod as I laugh at the sight of a bag phone?


6 thoughts on “Lost things

  1. I’m thinking of having my hubby’s cell phone surgically attached to his ear! (I, on the other hand use mine primarily for texting and going online!). Cute post…

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