Trucker Blood

I guess it’s time for an oil change and tire rotation.

Over the last two weeks I have logged 4,000 highway miles for doctor’s appointments, family dinners, client meetings and birthdays.  I love the open road–this is no joke and there is not a hint of sarcasm in my words.  You will hardly ever hear me complain about driving. I especially love starting my drive before sunrise–the beauty of New Mexico is best enjoyed at first sunlight and sunset.

Photo courtesy This is one of Wilson Hurley's many paintings of a New Mexico landscape. BTW, if you enjoy an art gallery, the New Mexico State Capitol has an amazing collection of art by New Mexico artists.

My grandfather, I call him Poppie, was raised on a farm in rural Western Pennsylvania.  He couldn’t wait to get off the farm and behind the wheel of a motorized vehicle.  He says his oldest sister once crashed the family’s Model A into a tree.  He was only about six years old at the time but he cried his little eyes out because the car had been damaged.  Poppie spent his career driving truck for Motor Cargo and Consolidated Freighways.

Photo courtesy: Poppie drove for Motor Cargo out of Akron, OH before going to work for CF and eventually moving his family out west in 1968.

In 1990, he was honored as a 3 Million Mile driver–3 million miles all across America.  Wow!  He’s seen most of the United States from behind the wheel of a big rig.

Poppie in 1993 at the CF Truck Rodeo in Albuquerque.

Since retirement in the mid-90s, I’ll bet he and Grandma have logged as many, if not more, in their motorhome.

I can’t help it that I like to be on the open road. I can’t help loving the rural life, too.  I’d like to thank Poppie’s farmboy roots and trucker blood.


14 thoughts on “Trucker Blood

  1. Thank you Janice, thanks for the memories!!!! You would have been a great Codriver. That Motor Cargo truck is a good indication of my age. Looking forward to your next . Poppie

  2. Being a military wife I’ve crossed this country many times myself…and I love it! I just love driving around seeing the countryside…gives you lots of thinking time…and plenty of talking time too! We’ll be making the trek from Maryland to Northern N.M this summer with all 4 kids…can’t wait!

  3. I enjoyed the picture of your Poppy and how proud you seem to be of him. I started my driving career with Consolidated Freightways in the mid 80’s and also have reached the 3 Million safe miles milestone. C.F. was a wonderfull place to work as there were many great people such as your Poppy.

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