Birthday Celebration

Venti Soy Chai, please!

I happened to be in the city on November 1.  Of course I stopped for my usual drink as I rolled into town–this season’s red cup had debuted!  Then, I flipped through the radio stations to find my holiday favorites had already begun.

Yes, Halloween was less than 24 hours behind us.  And, yes, the rush to usher in the holiday season is largely commercial.  But, seriously, I don’t mind the holiday spirit.

My husband and daughter both begin their own birthday celebrations and gift lobby at least two months in advance.  And, my sister-in-law just finished celebrating what she named “Joe-palooza”, my nephew’s 5th birthday celebration, which included a party for family, one for friends, one at school and a trip to Walmart to cash in the gift cards.

So, I say if it’s okay for us to celebrate our own birthdays for a couple weeks or months then I think it should be more than okay to celebrate the baby Jesus’s birthday beginning on Nov. 1.

I’m in the spirit!  I think I will go find the trimmings and get the tree decorated.


10 thoughts on “Birthday Celebration

  1. You know, I’ve never heard it put that way before, but we SHOULD be able to celebrate Jesus’s birthday a few weeks in advance. (Too bad, a lot of people don’t acknolwedge it as that sort of holiday.)

  2. And here I was, bemoaning the holiday lights, as my husband and I were out and about last night. You’ve put an entirely different perspective on the early decorating which has made me pause and think. It’s all the shopping hype and stores opening already on Thanksgiving Eve that bothers me. A lot.

    • I am with you, 100%. I’m really disgusted with Target for opening at 9 p.m. on Thanksgiving night. I’m going to try my best to shop local this year and consider shopping for services rather than stuff–gift certificates for haircuts, manis and pedis, car detailing, yard maintenance, things that pay people not corporations.

  3. It runs in the family, Janice! Granny starts her Christmas cards in October, and Poppy puts up the Christmas tree at Thanksgiving. “CHRISTMAS” SUCH A GREAT TIME TO BE WITH OUR LOVED ONES!!!

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