A sight for sore…

It appears the bulls have earned their keep this year.

This is Lugnut. Not all the bulls get a name on the ranch but he has found a special place in our hearts.

The cows are checking well above 90%.  In cowboy language, that’s damn good. It means that almost every single cow on the ranch will have a baby in the spring.

Have you ever seen a preg check in action?  It’s quite a sight for sore something and I’m not talking eyes.  But, these girls don’t seem to mind.  It’s all in a day’s work.


13 thoughts on “A sight for sore…

  1. I had to laugh when I began reading your post. We have an “acquaintance” who’s nickname is Lugnut. Funny! Love the picture of the little ones. I grew up across the highway from a dairy barn, so it brings back memories.

  2. What? You mean to tell me they won’t pee in a cup? Am imagining wildly hysterical things such as physchologist analyzing their mood swings or the amount of water retention in their ankles or even a sudden craving for pickles with their hay?

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