Hospital corners

Surely you have at least one thing in which you are particular.

My list is long but a clean sink, perfectly tucked corners on the bedding and an organized desk are tops.  My husband has three:

1.  His closet.

2.  His saddle.

3.  The Christmas tree decorations.

As I write this, he has officially spent one hour and 15 minutes arranging ornaments.  It’s our annual tradition.  I put the tree up and place the decorations randomly then he swoops in and begins arranging the decorations.

Everything has a place and it sometimes takes two or three tries before he is happy with the placement.

I usually watch for a while before I start checking the beds for perfect hospital corners.

© Janice Morrow, RealRanchWife and Morrow Family Ranch, 2011.



11 thoughts on “Hospital corners

  1. How funny! I’m really not particular about much of anything although I like for the bed to be made every day (without hospital corners), I like to have the kitchen counter cleared off by the end of the day and I like my studio to be creatively messy! 🙂 Happy Sunday!! Hugs, Silke

  2. Oooh, you probably shouldn’t come to visit me! 😉 Although, like Silke, my bed is made everyday (but not with hospital corners)!

    I think it’s cute that your hubby is so concerned about the ornaments!

  3. The older I get, the less I care about having everything “perfect” in my house. I still like things clean and neat, but I’m not as rigid.

    Love that your husband is so particular about the Christmas tree. Sometimes we don’t get our tree until days before Christmas and that’s only after pleading to my husband: “There won’t be any trees left.” One year we had about five to choose from in the tree lot.

    • I can’t agree more! Perfection, not so much anymore. Happiness and content abound!

      We no longer go for a real tree thanks to allergies so we definitely do not have to worry about just a few to chose from! Good luck tree hunting this year!

  4. I am very particular about hospital corners, i used to make my mothers bed like that when she got sick and after she climbed back into bed she would reach down with her foot and knock all the tight corners OUT, she was the opposite, it was our little joke.. I have a little farm so i have popped in to see yours. Hi, i am cecilia.. c

  5. That’s so funny! It looks wonderful! I used to have a perfect Christmas tree with perfectly coordinated, beautiful but breakable decorations, then I had kids and gave up perfection in almost every area of life. Now, the kids decorate the tree with kid friendly decorations, many of which they made, none of which match!

  6. It takes a lot of patience to create a really good looking Christmas tree, and your cowboy has an eye for it as evidenced by your photos. I imagine everyone had a great time while decorating the tree.

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