Continuing the legacy

The Morrows have been a part of the New Mexico landscape since Papa Morrow stepped off the train at Folsom, in the New Mexico territory, in 1888.

John Morrow was a school teacher, the superintendent of Raton schools, a New Mexico Territorial Legislator, a U.S. Congressman, a lawyer, and he held land and cattle interests.

His grandson, John L. Morrow, was a cowboy and rancher, a New Mexico State Senator and father of five.  He was also my husband’s grandfather.

Johnny on his horse, Chato.

Just last week, I was in Dollar General in Clayton, NM. The woman behind the counter asked if I was any relation to Johnny Morrow.  She told me she loved visiting with Johnny when she worked at the sale barn and she could always count on him bumming a cigarette.  My husband says Johnny was the only smoker he knew who never had a pack of cigarettes.

I only knew Johnny for the last few years of his life.  It’s a pleasure to hear people tell stories about him.

In 2004, U.S. 64/87 was named the John L. Morrow Memorial Highway to honor his contributions to the State of New Mexico.

Today, Nov, 21, Johnny has been gone for nine years.  But, his legacy and the greater Morrow legacy lives on in the ranch work and public service this family continues today.

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18 thoughts on “Continuing the legacy

  1. Great tribute! I’m glad to see a Morrow finally being memorialized by the state of New Mexico in some way. John Leslie was a fine representative for the people of Northern New Mexico for nearly three decades. Before him, my grandfather John Morrow Jr. and his brother James also served in the state legislature. And, as mentioned in your blog, (Honest) John F. Morrow was a well respected representative in both Santa Fe and Washington, D.C.

    • We called him Cha-toe. But, I love that you remember my Chaps blog from last month! See why I have to question these things? It probably should have been pronounced Sha-toe and I think I remember my husband saying it that way when he was calling to the horse playfully. Johnny swore Chato was the fastest horse he had ever owned and was quite sure he could beat any horse in a match race.

      I am so grateful for the award! I am happy to pay it forward, too! Thank you.

  2. I happened upon this because my cousin, Keith Morrow, just passed the sign on the highway and posted it on facebook. My nephew is John Paul Morrow, my brother is John Patrick Morrow, my father was John (Johnny) Cosby Morrow and his father was John Emmitt Morrow. His father was John Wesley Morrow 🙂 These are all Kentucky/Indiana Morrows who moved from Person County, NC following the Civil War. I read that some of that family went to Texas instead. Does any of that sound familiar? Thanks for posting this story!

    Jane Morrow

    • Hi Jane! Thank you for looking us up. It’s so great to know so many people see the sign in memory of our Johnny Morrow and his legacy in New Mexico. I imagine there’s an ancestral connection here. I encourage you to look up Morrow Family History on Facebook–there are two pages there. One of our cousins, James Morrow, moderates one of those pages and will be able to connect the dots!

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