Blowing some stink off

I really don’t like to go out in the cold.  Luckily, this is New Mexico, so, it only gets bitterly cold for a few short spells each year.

I can’t remember ever enjoying cold weather activities.  The first time I went skiing was my last.  If I go along on ranch work, I rarely get out of the truck.

He didn't really need my help, right? Notice the dashboard--yep, photo taken from inside the truck.

My aversion to cold is very bad news for the little person in my house as I will find any excuse for why we can’t go outside.  I don’t even care if she draws pictures on the window condensation (a no no when I was growing up!).

But, at some point, after every board game has been played, every Barbie has been scattered, every blank sheet of paper has been decorated, and every blanket, table and pillow has been strategically placed for a fort

Fort Little Person

we finally venture out.

For those very few minutes, it feels good to blow a little stink off.

It's a fuzzy photo, I know. But, I love it because we were together blowing some stink off.


13 thoughts on “Blowing some stink off

  1. Oh, now, you need to rethink this whole going outside in cold weather thing. Fresh air and exercise tire out kids. Yes, indeed. Worked for my kids and the kids in my daycare years ago. Now that my girls are grown and gone and the son is 17, I don’t have to venture out in the snow and cold unless I want to. So I don’t. But when they were little, I bundled those kiddos up every day and took them outdoors to play.

  2. I bet she loves the winter weather, there is such a change in the environment you can really stretch your imagination. In Houston, we don’t get enough cold weather to draw on the windows, I would love to have a real season once in a while.

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