Admirable work

I was called to ranch duty today!

Yea, so I only had to take a few supplies down the road a couple miles.

On my way back, I couldn’t help but admire Mother Nature’s work:


8 thoughts on “Admirable work

    I really wish it would get that cold and snow here. I’m getting weary of brown.
    Send me some.
    p.s. I yearn for your humidity/moisture-less skies. {sigh} Nothing better than a western blue sky!

  2. Beautiful photos!! It was in the upper 60’s here today and sunny. Quite different from your scenery there. Thanks for sharing. Oh – and please send our friend “Dee” some of that snow. She’s been patiently waiting!

    • It’s a gate latch. Actually, I just realized, it’s not being used. The top part folds out and grabs the gate post, then you pull the lever back to pull the gate tight. It looks like someone just used the wire latch instead. We don’t actually have these on all our gates but they are a big help to a weakling like me!

      • Thanks for the explanation. In southwestern Minnesota, where I grew up, all available land was used for crops. No pasture land for the dairy cows or beef cattle. Just a cow yard next to the barn.

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