Family game night

Every Morrow family holiday dinner concludes with family game night.  I am looking forward to Christmas night.

The Morrows are serious about their games–Dominoes, Screwy Louie, Tripoley, Spoons, you name it. Granny even has a weekly Bridge Club meet.

Rules are followed by all, regardless of age.

And, if you do not plan to finish the game, do not sit down to play, even if you’re playing Chicken Foot with double 15s.  It’s an endurance race that goes on late into the night.

This was game five of 30 on Thanksgiving.

Oh, and if you don’t want to get hurt, do not play Spoons with this group.  It’s a full contact sport.

Bring your A game and don’t forget to check your feelings at the door–there will be insults and name calling. Not until the game is over will civility be restored.

What did Granny say to Aunt Sue?

Merry Family Game Night Christmas!


5 thoughts on “Family game night

  1. I love it! It’s the same at our house–all bets are off, for awhile. Spoons does become a contact sport. We play progressive rummy ,too and it’s a blast.

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