The ABC show called The Chew featured “Cowboy Cookin'” yesterday. That’s nice.

But, honestly, I have a problem with the way they portrayed cowboys and cowboy culture.  My experience is that cowboys don’t end every sentence with “yee-haw” and real cowboys certainly don’t wear hats that look like this:

Nice fashion hat but not a real cowboy hat.

Come visit a real working ranch where real cowboys live and breathe.  We’re real people.  We are educated and we are smart business people.  And, oh my gosh, we have real conversations all while wearing real clothes and ending our sentences like normal, educated people.  Oh, and we can cook like you wouldn’t believe.

Can I get a “Yee-haw” to that?


11 thoughts on “Yee-haw?

  1. You are SO right! I hate the “Yuck, Yuck” portrayal of a cowboy. The cowboys I know are the most educated, kind, hardworking, God fearing, toughest men (and women) I have ever known.

  2. This reminds me of the “Fargo” stereotype of us Minnesooooooooootans. We, too, are educated and don’t speak like we just emerged from the back woods, although apparently we drag out our “o”s.

    Yes, I do occasionally wear a buffalo plaid flannel shirt, but I don’t have an ear flapper cap. I don’t eat lutefisk, but I like lefse. Ya, sure, ya betcha!

  3. I find that shows do that with anyone living in Appalachia too. We’re always portrayed as a bunch of rednecks that overuse the f bomb and the word “ain’t” while drinking a keg and watching the car rust in the yard. It drives me crazy, so I completely understand!

  4. Gal-darnit Gal,you sure hit the hat on the head. My old City Slicker cowboy hat is looking more Applachia every day, so I trashed it. Look out Boot Barn, here I come. I think you should send your comments to ABC and the Chew. YOU GO GIRL !!!! I was born in Applachia and Although I have lived in New Mexico for 45 years I still cook Applachia food at times. Rode a few horses in my lifetime and admire those hard working cowboys.

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