Let’s eat!

I rode around with Cody in the feed truck on Saturday.  We spent the morning feeding cows expecting their third or fourth baby and checking water.

With snow still on the ground and temperatures in the 30s, it’s a cold ride and the potential, or should I say extreme likelihood, to get stuck is still there but I’ll tell you about that another day.

Back to the cows.

They know the drill:  they hear the truck coming and turn to look.

Then, they hear the siren and decided to mosey a little closer.

Then, the siren turns over for 30 seconds at a time and they come a runnin’.

Let’s eat!


4 thoughts on “Let’s eat!

  1. What a great and varied life you have, Janice!! 🙂 These pictures remind me of many summers I spent on farms in Germany – some of my best memories… Hope you are doing great!! Hugs, Silke

  2. Having grown up on a Minnesota dairy farm without pasture land for grazing cattle, this is all new to me. So can you explain the sirens? And what are you feeding your cattle, of which there are how many?

    That’s a lot of cattle, judging from the photos (great BTW), and a lot of land.

    • We have sirens on each of the trucks. The cows are “trained” they will get more food than just grass when they hear the sirens. The pastures are so big and often rugged terrain so they usually hear us before we see them.

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