Beautiful windmills

The wind is very, very cold lately and it seems like it never stops!

Thank goodness for the wind because that’s what keeps the water tanks full.


10 thoughts on “Beautiful windmills

  1. This is great teaching point for how and the purpose of windmills. I think teachers could pick up on this blog and use it in their classroom. Great going!

  2. These are the types of windmills I so appreciate–the old-fashioned ones aged by wind and weather. Here in Minnesota we have windmills, but they are modern monstrosities that loom like giants across the land. Not pretty at all. Useful, yes. Beautiful? No.

  3. Ibthink you could take this one stp further. People in non rural areas turn on faucet and water comes from a city utility. People might be very surprised that your ranch can live or die by precipitation and you need the windmills to get to the water. That is my laymens description, but yo could give a much better description of what windmills are useful for.

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