Cowboy legends

Photo courtesy New Mexico Magazine.

I recently watched the Billy the Kid episode on PBS’s American Experience (you can watch the entire episode by clicking on the blue link).

The Kid is a legend in all of America and especially in New Mexico.

I had to laugh when I read this excerpt from the Golden Age of the American Cowboy on the American Experience site:

“Although they were harmless on the plains, cowboys were often dreaded in towns, where they had a reputation for drunkenness. Many residents believed cowboys, as a class, to be morally corrupted, vulgar, profane, and lecherous. Several towns created gun control ordinances that fined those who insisted on wearing a six-shooter.”

I’ve been around a lot of cowboys and cowgirls when they were drunk.  I’ve been around a lot of other classes of drunk people, too.  Who is not just a bit vulgar, profane and lecherous when indulging?

photo courtesy Cal Farley's Boys Ranch


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