Sunday drive

Technically, this sign does not mean the cattle are guarding the road.

Cattle Guard Sign

But, I think the intention was lost in translation early this morning.

Cattle in the road

This is actually open range where the cattle have the right of way on this highway. I could’ve honked them out of the way but I wasn’t in a hurry, just out for a Sunday drive.


12 thoughts on “Sunday drive

  1. These are great photos and stories. I have shown them to my grade level teachers and encouraged them to visit the sight. This is cattle country, they are everywhere so its good not to be in a hurry.

  2. So, you mean these cattle are not fenced in and can roam anywhere? This would be a little scary driving this road at night if the cattle are roaming then. Or are they, like most cattle, sleeping? I know. Probably known info to anyone who lives in your region, but not to this Minnesotan.

    • True! There’s about 250 head roaming on 2500 acres, give or take, in this particular pasture. But, this is one of many pastures, most of which are not open range. However, most of the land owners along this stretch of state highway have open range like this.

      We have to be careful, always! But, the good news is this is not a high-traffic highway.

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