Spanish for chokecherry, Capulín is named for the bushes that grow in the area.  They are very tart and very tiny berries.

My mother-in-law and grandmother-in-law each have a few in their yards and can crank out the chokecherry jelly like nobody’s business.

I had not ever tried Chokecherry Jelly before meeting my husband.  Now, I can’t think of life without it!

The growing season is very short here. That means it will be a few months before we see any chokecherries but you can bet they will be harvested in the fall and made into the best jelly in the world.


22 thoughts on “Chokecherries

  1. We’ve actually picked choke cherries up in Cimarron Canyon and made choke cherry jelly! I know just what you mean, it’s so good! We never really know when they are in season, and haven’t been back there during their time! You’ll have to let us know when is a good time!! 🙂 I didn’t know that about Capulin either, what it meant. NICE!!

  2. I love chokecherry jam or pie. My mother in law used to make it when she lived in SE Oregon. I had never heard of it until I married my husband and once I tasted it I was in love with it. When ever we visited his parents I would hunt for that jar of jam first thing for my toast:)

  3. ahhh Chokecherry…. My Grandmother made jelly, and syrup. Truly a taste of heaven. My son now ONLY eats the syrup on his pancakes! I have to special order it from ND!!! What a sweet reminder of my grandmothers love for us when she made it! Esp being Valentines day tomorrow!

  4. My husband grew up on this chokecherry jam. Family originally from Ojo Sarco, New Mexico. I’ve been trying to get some for him as a surprise. Where can I order it?

    • I wish we could prepare it for sale! But, until then, I have seen it at a local gift shop–Capulin Country Store. She may be able to ship it to you. It’s not locally made but I’m sure it will satisfy! Capulin Country Store: 575.278.3900.

      Thanks for reading!

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