Keeping secrets

Ponies and miniatures are escape artists.  This guy lives down the road.

He has friends at his house but he loves coming to visit us.  And, we don’t mind a bit.

What do you suppose is the big secret?


13 thoughts on “Keeping secrets

  1. Love it!! I sent this on to several people in my family – every one of them is a big horse fan. My sister and her family have a pasture with several miniatures right behind their back yard. My dad has a horse pasture in front of his house. My cousin and his wife have their own horses – and so on… They are all enjoying the photos you share with us… As am I!! Happy weekend! Silke

  2. Janice – Love the photos, but then I love all the photos you post. May I use several over time on my I Love New Mexico facebook page and credit you, sending folks to your posts?

  3. This is awesome. Reminds me about the time I was at my parents farm and on the way home I saw a Donkey running down the road. Of course that sounds like the norm in your part of the world. I made a u turn, jumped out of my car and grabbed some rope I had in my SUV for just this kind of thing (I think). Lasso’d the Donkey, tied him up to a fence and called the Sheriff, told the, of anyone calls from around coyote Trail who has a run away donkey, he is tied up at this fence.
    Of course I found out later, that Donkey was an escape artist too, everyone knew where the runway donkey was supposed to go back to!!!

      • Thank goodness I didn’t have enough time to “think about it.” I remember making a u turn (on a two lane road) trying to call my Dad who was only about 1/4 mile away to ask him, do you know who has a Donkey. And by the time I reached him, he said, oh yea, I think it is such and such house. Which is exactly where I was, but apparently the donkey just runs away during the day when the owners are gone and he must go back. But, leave it to me, to tie him up to a post and leave him there till someone found him!! LOL!

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