Our county road grader is a welcome sight! I should probably bake a batch of cookies for the operator–he does make our dirt road driving much more enjoyable!

Just the other day, Granny wondered out loud what causes washboarding.  Not this kind of washboarding (although, I’ve seen this band play and I might have an idea!).

Photo by Stan Jones, author of the Nathan Active mystery series. http://www.sjbooks.com

But, rather the kind that makes your car bounce all over the dirt road.  It turns out–thank you Google–low moisture and high traffic are the two primary causes of the washboard effect.

A typical washboard road. Photo courtesy http://www.off-road.com.

Surely, you have driven down a road that feels like a washboard?  Next time, try singing your favorite song while bouncing down the road (and you wondered what we do for fun in the country).


13 thoughts on “Washboarding

  1. HA! And there’s reason #53,854 why I LOVE winter…fills in those annoying gaps! So hard on a rig, I hate them.
    I bet the grader guy would love a batch of cookies from you – can you imagine the look on his face?!

  2. I went down one of these roads in a Ford Mustang and nearly bit my tongue off bouncing up and down. Talking about bring back the memories. WOW!

  3. I am sorry, but I laughed when I read this, having lived on a terrible dirt road in northeastern Oklahoma. I know washboarding very well. Maybe the cookies will help.

  4. Janice
    You put together a really cool blog.I really enjoy reading postings.To see what new and cool things that go on at the Morrow Ranch…what each new day brings to you and Cody along with some of the crazy stuff that goes on up there. Some times Chicken…. Some times Feathers.. lol

    A faithful Follower..
    Noel Baca..

  5. Years ago,the ranch I worked at had such horrible washboarded roads, the steering box on my car broke completely off while driving! I found if I did 50 – 60 mph (rather than the 20 mph everyone else drove at), it was a smoother ride. Boy did your pictures bring back memories 🙂

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