Right of way

It’s a mad dash for the antelope when they hear or see a car coming.   They feel the need to cross the road, from one pasture into another, as fast as they can.  I guess it’s a fight or flight response.

Today, everybody made it across without incident.  I slow down to a near stop because otherwise they get so anxious and go so fast.  I just hate it when they hang a leg or scrape too hard on the barbs.  There’s always plenty of time to give the right of way.


10 thoughts on “Right of way

  1. We saw bunches of Antelope in Wyoming during the spring time on the high desert cattle pasture between Pinedale and Rock Springs….they loved to race along as we bounced along the dusty road in the truck…we have a few around where we live now but I loved seeing the large herds of them in Wyoming. Thank you for sharing….brings back good memories:)

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