Seven sisters

Palo Blanco Mountain looked especially lovely earlier this week after a brief snow.

Locals refer to this mountain as the Seven Sisters because of the seven peaks (at least that’s what I am told).  There are many online references for the Seven Sisters but none related to this mountain in Northeast New Mexico.

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26 thoughts on “Seven sisters

  1. My Spanish is not so good–but if “Palo Blanco” had anything to do with pale or white, these mountains are aptly named. What does it actually mean? Your photo certainly fits the scene. Well done.

    BTW, in Norway there’s a fjord that has the Five Sisters Waterfall because it separates into five distinct “falls”.

  2. “Palo Blanco” – means the white stick. Not sure how it would tie in but translation doesnt always make sense. Hope it helps you guys.

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