White gate

After many years of trying, I have learned the names of most of the pastures and where they are located on the ranch.  (I don’t really need to know this information for anything more than reference–remember, I am mostly third or fourth string help around here.)

I think it has taken so long because of the interesting names that go along with some of the pastures.

The South Pasture is not south of the house, it’s actually north but when the house was much further north this particular pasture would have been south of the house–the name stuck.

The South Rocks Pasture is, indeed, south.  However, it should not be confused with the South Pasture or the pasture we call The Rocks.

The one name that may be most confusing to those not closely acquainted with the Morrow Ranch is the gate called the White Gate.  At some point in time, there must have been a white gate here.


14 thoughts on “White gate

  1. Years ago, I dated a farmer and helped him on the farm: we had “Lime pile field”, “cemetery field”, “back field”, etc. Unfortunately, I was one of only 2 helpers he had, so I had to know where the fields were!
    Love your header pic, by the way!

  2. Too funny! But we have a house in the neighborhood that everyone calls Donna’s house. Donna hasn’t lived there in 25 years!

    I thought you were going to say, the north 40!

  3. The 160-acre Minnesota farm I grew up on wasn’t large enough to need geographical names. So…, I’m wondering how many acres do your pastures encompass?

    And to Sandy, just wanted you to know that my husband and I live in “the Swanson house,” although no Swansons have lived here since 1984, when we moved in.

  4. The favorite pasture name at out place was the duck tank. I guess at some point there were ducks that would swim around in the dirt tank, but I never saw any! There were however catfish in that tank and sometimes we would fish! We took metal lawn chairs and perched them precariously as close to the edge as we could, without getting in the mud, and caught our supper! And no, we did not swim in it!

  5. We are guilty of that as well! We have had at a corner where one pasture goes into 2 pastures, 2 aluminum gates stood there “forever”–they had fallen apart over the years and we replaced them with wire gates. All is well and good, except we all know the place as “where the silver gates are (were) ” and I think we always will. I love how you bring the ordinary to life–turns out its not so ordinary after all. 🙂

  6. It took me years to puzzle out and finally, to ask, about the “school section”–every ranch has one. I thought, being a city girl myself, that there must have been a school there many moons ago—not so. Do you want the rest of the story? or do you want to research and post in a blog? lol–don’t want to ruin any future surprises since we’re on the subject of pastures.

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