Owl and Chihuahua

We’ve had an owl pair living in the hayloft of the barn for years.  I have tried and failed to photograph them many times as they are a bit shy.  Lately, I’ve seen only one hanging out.  Since they don’t seem to nest in the barn, perhaps the female is keeping her eggs warm somewhere else.

Yesterday afternoon turned out to be quite nice so I ventured out to annoy the owl by climbing into the hayloft to check his where abouts.

When I spotted him, I quietly snuck around the barn and caught him at the broken window just before he swooped across to a hiding spot on the rocks.

I then annoyed him enough that he flew to the tree.  I followed him.

He finally flew back to the barn.  I decided I better give the guy a break.

He appears to be a Great Horned Owl.  If so, my trusty Birds of New Mexico Field Guide, by Stan Tekiela, says they are found all over New Mexico and they lay eggs in January and February.  I guess there should be two little ones in the next month or so.  I’ll keep my eyes peeled and my chihuahua close to home.


13 thoughts on “Owl and Chihuahua

  1. Your owls sound interesting….we have them here too…..they sit up in the trees and they chase around the hawks…also the smaller hawks do not like the large hawks…it is interesting to understand their social system and what is taking place:)

  2. Your writing is simple, to the point and a breath of fresh air from the bloviators that seem to hog up todays blogs. Added to your text are the pictures. Together they give a reader/viewer an insight as if they were walking your fields and snooping with you in your barn, I can almost smell the hay again. Thank you for the small peek into your Ranch life. It brings back so many happy memories. Happy Ranching my friend!

  3. Your post reminds of the Snowy owl I saw a couple of years ago when I was out snowshoeing the woods here. Owls are so mysterious aren’t they? Love the shot of him/her looking out the loft window at you…Hope you get some baby pictures to share!

    • Oh, good! I have never seen a snowy owl, I’ll bet that was really awesome!

      I have no idea where that nest is located but I will hope to see the babies hanging out in the barn once they are flying!

  4. We saw two owls on New Year’s Day – also horned – and I thought it was unusual. We normally only see small barn owls if we are out at the farm at night. They are interesting birds for sure.

  5. I’m a Morrow as well. We have been on our ranch in OK for 100 years now. I am trying to start a blog and found yours. Very interesting. Where are you? My grandmother wrote a weekly column for the local newspapers for almost 40 years, so I have tons! of history. Thought it might be fun to share.

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