Sneaky horses

The horses love the cake feed for the cattle.  You have to keep an eye on the horses because while a nibble is a tasty treat, too much will make a horse very sick.

The other day, Cody filled his feed tubs before I asked him for some help.

The horses spied the feed tubs unattended. They thought they were so sneaky.


15 thoughts on “Sneaky horses

  1. One Sunday we arrived home after attending church services only to find our front door standing wide open. There within the door stood a horse…and another …and another. Seventeen in all stood within our living room, dining room, hall and our daughters downstairs bedroom. The worse was a horse in the bathroom! It had destryed the sink and toilet, both of which were spraying water to high heaven from their broken supply lines. Our mistake? Being lazy! I had emptied the truck of chicken feed bags by leaving them on the porch rather than taking the time to haul them to the feed room in the barn. Once on the porch the horses also saw the big pile of apples ready for canning through the big window. The cost? Over $4,500 for a remodled bathroom, carpet cleaning machine, new table, sofa and five 50 lb bags of chicken feed!

    • Oh my gosh! Talk about a bull in the china closet. What a mess.

      We had a goat that, if we left the door open, would let herself in. But, she never destroyed anything and luckily we herded her out before she could drop any pellets!

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