Presidents, horses and shoes

My view this morning from the kitchen window!

Nearly every president has been at least photographed on a horse.  Many were horsemen, others not so much.  I love this photo of Teddy Roosevelt:

Theodore Roosevelt on his horse. Photo courtesy

See other horses with their president here.

My friend, Kim, worked in the George H.W. Bush White House.  She recently sent this article to me about his White House horseshoe pit.

Our horses may not be presidential but we have plenty of horseshoes for the pit.

Happy Presidents’ Day!  (Just in case you were wondering about the day’s significance, read about it here.)


21 thoughts on “Presidents, horses and shoes

  1. Well, as you know, a President definetly looks more manly to the voters if he’s atop a horse versus popping his head out of a tank. The one common factor to them all, as I see it anyway, is there ability to shovel manure onto the voters come election time as if they was born an’ bred in a barn . Of course that’s only one man’s opinion. 🙂

  2. Gotta love a big raw boned Thoroughbred and I love how Mr. Roosevelt is looking right at the camera as he’s taking that jump!
    Thanks for the links.
    p.s. Your horses may not be “presidential” but I would bet my saddle they’d be a safer ride through the rocks and sage brush than any of those other past Presidential mounts!

  3. I’m afraid my comment here isn’t about your latest blog. I don’t know how to make a general comment on folks wordpress blog site so I picked your latest blog to say something to you.
    Congratulations on your ABC award! Here’s what I posted on TBN’s site.
    “Thanks for the nomination my friend! I’m glad ‘real ranch wife’ was nominated too. I enjoy her blog. It reminds me of yours as both of you open your lives up to others in good wring and pictures. I’m a green horn blogger compared to the other writers you’ve chosen!”

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