Irons in the fire

Brandings usually take place in the summer.  At least that’s when the bulk of the brand work happens.  When we’re not branding, the irons look like a beautiful piece of art weathering in the New Mexico sun.

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12 thoughts on “Irons in the fire

  1. The whole act of branding, from roping to releasing is an art. Still, it’s a shame we have to brand ’em this way though. A ranch near the one I was on tried ear tags but that never stopped the rustling. The tags were found where the trailer was loaded. 😦

    i love your pics, keep the camera clicking!

    • There’s a button when you are uploading photos to choose a slideshow. I think you have to use all the photos in the post gallery (if not, I haven’t figured out how to only include specific photos). Have fun!

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