Heifer and Calf

Between the weather and travel I haven’t been back to the nursery to snap any photos of new babies.

I finally made time today!  Several babies are already on the ground.  All but one have been moved out of the nursery to the pasture.

First calf heifers are often wild–they run around, kick and snort to protect their baby.    This momma was no different; I can’t say I was much different with my babe so I guess I can’t blame her!  This shot is the best I could do today!

I wish I could’ve captured a photo of his entire face, he has a perfect mask.

The cows will be calving soon.  We’ll have a little better luck with photos then!


11 thoughts on “Heifer and Calf

  1. I think these heifers are from the same group that ours are–they are sooooo cute! And yes, they are very protective. We checked on one that was laying kind of in the open, short brush. She decided that wasn’t private enough and moved to the tall brush. We checked on her there and she moved about 50 feet into the tall brush! We had to walk in to check on her and her baby. You are right, though–the cows are less nervous.

  2. That back hoof looks ready to wield a blow if needed. That little guy sure is cute! I loved playing with the baby calves on our farm but sometimes their mothers didn’t appreciate us too much.
    🙂 MJ

  3. That baby was worth the wait.

    I will be on the lookout for birthing photos. I once had to help pull a little cow out of a big one a few winters ago. It was pretty much out of control. There was steam everywhere.

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