Lions and Lambs

March has been pretty nice as far as the weather goes.  Light jackets, afternoon walks and birds chirping.  It’s the best possible way for the calves to come into the world.

Then, today, snow–the first day of Spring, no less.  Typical.

The Farmer’s Almanac discusses the truth behind the month of March and its lion and lamb attitude.  The Almanac says it’s probably just an observation by those who have come before us, merely a cute rhyme and nothing to bet the ranch on.

But, here in Northeast New Mexico, my father-in-law’s obervation that March comes in like a lamb and out like a lion typically holds true.


14 thoughts on “Lions and Lambs

  1. Well, that snow is kind of beautiful. But better you than us. We’ve had record-breaking temperatures here in Minnesota for the past week. We’re talking 80s. It’s been unbelievable. I just hope we don’t pay for this early arrival of summer (spring) with lots of snow in April.

  2. The weather here is supposed to go back to something more Spring-like. It was snowing this morning, but not much was sticking. Like where you are though, the moisture is welcome.

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