The ankle biter

He’s short-legged and looks like a Corgy but he’s not.

Otto is half Jack Russell and half sneaky cow dog.  He’s not technically “old” at 11 years of age. Although, he’s showing signs of slowing down.  He has trouble moving cattle more than a couple of miles–it takes him a few days to recover from a long drive, if we allow him to go.

If he doesn’t get a little bit of work time in, he will follow me around barking non-stop and staring me down out of boredom.


This is Otto's mad face.

Yesterday, the guys were moving a group of cows about eight miles to another pasture.  Otto knew he was being left out.  He barked and stared until we loaded up and met the guys with only a short distance left to go.

Otto is watching the cows from the car window.

It was heaven!

Otto running from the car to the cows.

Otto barking and following the cows.

Needless to say, when it was all said and done, he climbed up on his ottoman and slept through the evening and night–I even caught him dreaming of the next great ankle-biting chase a few times!


18 thoughts on “The ankle biter

  1. Awesome! Go Otto! Lost my ol’ Labrador this December. It’s so hard to leave them at home when all they want to do is go go go. Gatsby got to the point where I’d have to help her into “her” chair after some particularly “big” days. Hard to watch, but heart-warming to see the joy when they get to do their thing.
    His mad-face is extremely like Scout’s. 😉

  2. Short on legs, but long on cute — I’ll have to tell my hubby that the next time he teases me about being short…!
    Cute post – it IS so sad when our fur babies start getting older and slowing down….

  3. I’m thinking of doing a small hobby herd of Florida Cracker cattle when I get back from out west. <10 at first. Land here is big $ but might be able to lease enough to get a start anyway.

  4. Love, love, love this story. Everything about it. Nothing like a determined dog to make you proud. Or a little annoyed…. Thank you!

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