Andre the Giant

Meet Andre the Giant!  He was born on Tuesday night to Cow #5187 and weighs over 100 lbs.

His momma ran away for a day after giving birth so we loaded him up and took him home for a bottle.

Momma was located and they are now back together.  Both are adjusting well.

Sheesh, I’m pretty sure I would’ve run away for a while after trying to give birth to a baby this big, too!

12 thoughts on “Andre the Giant

  1. Can you blame her? LOL Glad to hear she didn’t abandon it.
    News of my trip… I spent the day looking at land over in Payson AZ. Beautiful place in the middle of nowhere. After 6 hours I returned to town in frustratiopn and splurged on a new Resistal hat at a local Western store! I tossed my old palm woven one in their trash as I walked out… Ooooo, lookin’ good now! LOL

  2. I love baby calves, especially watching them romp. But perhaps this over-sized Andre is a bit too large to romp.

    My son was 10 pounds, 12 ounces, when he was born, fortunately via C-section or I might have run away, too.

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